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Alpinmesse 2016

The idea to offer pole batches specifically for ski and trekking poles, is now about 1.5 years old. So we had quite a bit of preparation, discussions and tests behind us. On the Alpinmesse in Innsbruck we had the opportunity to meet many outdoor enthusiasts from all...

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Berghammer & Sweetsticks
Tradition & Lifestyle

Hiking and Freeride. The differences between the two brands are huge and yet they come from the same creative heads. A product must live, have history and tell stories. The common element is the world’s first ski or hiking poles in authentic wooden style. Printed, not veneered but barely recognizable.

Beside style our poles provide full functionality, no disadvantages in terms of weight and durability and you have the option to make your individual “storyboard” on your trekking or ski poles!

“Project Stocknagel”

Back in the days, the wooden hiking stick was the pride and joy of every Wanderer. Even though it’s been a few decades ago, still everyone can remember the good old „Stocknagel“. In every village and on the mountain huts you bought another emblem as a trophy. Each pole told the individual story of it’s owner. The people came together and shared their adventures. Since the 1880’s it was a hype in central Europe, only stopped by the modern telescopic poles. Only a young couple form Tirol and Berlin came up with the idea to combine function and tradition. Our hiking poles in wood design have the proper retro style, match perfectly with the Stocknagels but keep their full functionality.

They are sports equipment, souvenir and a companion for adventurers and those, aware of tradition. Today, the emblems are self-adhesive and especially prebent. In a breath they are fixed to the poles: Clean and dry the pole and press the badge firmly. And take a close look at the image, each of them is a little piece of art. Let’s revive this old hiking culture! Use your next trip to ask the local sports or souvenir shop for our walking stick badges.

Have a fun time creating your own wander story!

Sandra Berghammer and Julian Lösche

Berlin +  Tirol

+43 680 133 99 58
+49 178 938 02 94



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